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The current leader for the GOP presidential nomination received a standing ovation from a crowd in South Carolina after he read aloud his statement to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.

Activist Aram al-Doumani has opposed the Syrian government since the uprising began in 2011. Despite talks aimed at a cease-fire this month, he's skeptical that there will be a breakthrough.

An elections case before the Supreme Court could dramatically change the way state legislative districts are drawn and could tilt some states in a decidedly more Republican direction.

Muslim Americans feel unfairly maligned, singled out and asked to do more than others when it comes to terrorism.

Everything fell apart for Shaun Tullar after his brother died in Afghanistan. He became homeless and eventually went to prison. A VA-run recovery program is helping him and others after their release.

After Paris and San Bernardino, reports of Islamophobia and attacks on mosques are on the rise, especially in the Dallas-Forth Worth area. One Muslim activist calls 2015 "a banner year for hatred."

Climate scientists say global emissions of carbon dioxide seem to have dipped a bit in 2015, though the world economy is still growing. China's reduced use of coal may be the main reason.

Look both ways when you cross the street and don't tell toys your name and address — privacy concerns are some of the latest worries for parents in the digital age.

The South Carolina senator has carved out a prominent role, hosting most of the GOP presidential hopefuls at town hall meetings in his state, with its crucial spot early in the primary season.

Young doctors being trained at dozens of hospitals around the country are being asked to work up to 30 hours straight as part of a study. Critics say the study is risky and unethical.




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