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Champagne and other booze flow freely on New Year's Eve. But if you want to wake to a new year without the side effects of alcohol, don't fret: We've got science-based tips for avoiding that headache.

"I think the emotion of the here and now will subside," Bush said in an interview with NPR. He predicts voters will turn on front-runner Donald Trump and see things his way once voting starts.

The deal in Saudi Arabia has been no taxation and no representation. Bottom-of-the-barrel crude prices changed the first half of the equation this week, as officials cut utility and gas subsidies.

A big study finds the risk that the baby will die soon after delivery is twice as high if the delivery was planned for home or a birthing center versus the hospital, but such deaths are very rare.

In Los Angeles County, more than one-quarter of the 375 people shot by law enforcement over a five-year period were unarmed. Police training tries to prepare officers to make split-second decisions.

It can be a provocative art show. Or teenagers going out for a walk. By law and tradition, Saudi women still face many restrictions. But they keep stretching the boundaries and the pace is picking up.

Bill Cosby has faced numerous civil suits from dozens of women over the years, but this is the first criminal charge. The statute of limitations in the 2004 case was set to expire in January.

At almost every turn, the conventional wisdom turned out to be wrong in politics in 2015 — from Donald Trump to the depth of Bernie Sanders' support to the lack of strength of governors.

Three different companies are bringing VR headsets to market in 2016, and some content companies have made major investments in the technology.

With the NBA's new ad campaign against gun violence, commentator Frank Deford says a bunch of athletes may finally provide the first successful nudge toward stiffer firearm regulation.




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