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Online marketers know an awful lot about the shopping preferences of supporters of various Democratic presidential hopefuls.

When Kelly and Wayne Maines adopted identical twin boys in 1997, they didn't anticipate raising one of their sons as a daughter. They tell their story, with author Amy Ellis Nutt, in Becoming Nicole.

Many groups are battling for control of Syria's second largest city. The Free Syrian Army has its main headquarters here. Middle East analyst Andrew Tabler explains the strategic importance of Aleppo.

GOP presidential candidates spoke about faith and politics at a Dallas-area megachurch on Sunday. The event reaffirmed that those voters' and their issues will matter in this election.

In Maine, where every newborn gets an automatic $500 grant towards a college education, one family had taken full advantage of the state's generous college savings initiatives.

U.S. and Russia are in talks with the goal of avoiding confrontations between in Syrian airspace. (Ret.) Air Force General David Deptula explains how these two can work together.

Congress returns this week and Republicans will take up the unresolved matter Speaker John Boehner's successor. And Hillary Clinton will go before the House Benghazi Committee. Cokie Roberts explains.

David Greene revisits his 2011 trip to Libya and the period following the fall of Moammar Ghaddafi, to try to understand how the revolution unexpectedly gave way to the Islamic State's incursion.

In Nigeria, the Islamist group Boko Haram has turned to using young female suicide bombers. Mausi Segun, of Human Rights Watch, discusses why the extremist group is using these young girls.

Last year, public health officials were taken by surprise when new strains of the flu virus appeared. Not so this year and they advise everyone six months or older to get vaccinated against the flu.




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