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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton face off in another debate Sunday night — this time in Flint, Mich. The city's struggles will be on the agenda.

Student protesters calling themselves Reclaim Harvard Law School say a recommendation that a slavery-tainted symbol be retired is not enough to end their occupation of a student center.

NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Cokie Roberts about the legacy of former first lady Nancy Reagan. She died today at age 94.

The former first lady made a mark with her "Just Say No" campaign and her support of stem-cell research, which she hoped would lead to a cure for Alzheimer's, the disease that took away her husband.

NPR's Ron Elving reflects on the life of former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who died this weekend at 94.

Pastor Max Lucado talks about his recent denunciation of Donald Trump. He says he's puzzled as to why other evangelical leaders seem to be giving the Republican presidential candidate a "free pass."

President Obama recently announced a plan to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Three people with close ties to the issue share their views on whether or not to close the detention center.

Last week, we told you about Alexa, the voice activated assistant that operates on a speaker sold by Amazon called the "Echo." Our story caused Alexas across the country to revolt.

Think you've gone gray from stress? Scientists say they've identified the first gene for gray hair. It accounts for about 30 percent of grays, mostly in lighter colored hair.

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with political correspondent Mara Liasson for a roundup of the latest round of primaries — and two caucuses — and the latest from candidate Donald Trump. Plus, a look forward to the Democratic debate tonight.




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