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Italy is an art theft playground. An elite police squad combats the illicit trade in antiquities and art, but the chase is still on for a stolen Caravaggio painting — No. 1 on the most-wanted list.

Pew surveyed nearly 8,000 officers. Among other things, the group asked about recent killings of black civilians by police and the protests that followed. Officers said they now feel less safe.

Similar to "little free library" boxes that are filled with free books, these "blessing boxes" are stocked with food and toiletries for people in need to take — anonymously and whenever they want.

OK, so they're not using Fitbits. But zoos across America are using software to minutely track the activity, behavior and physiology of captive elephants, and using that data to improve zoo life.

Liens filed by construction firms against the Trump Organization's new luxury Washington hotel claim they're owed more than $5 million for unpaid work. The federal government holds the building lease.

Rising temperatures and thawing permafrost threaten tiny Newtok. Its residents want President Obama to declare an official disaster, to unlock the millions it needs to move the community.

Two Pennsylvania voters who buy health insurance on are frustrated with how expensive the plans have become. They voted for Trump in hopes he can bring down health insurance costs.

NPR listeners first heard Barack Obama in the 1990s before he became a politician. Here are some of his earliest appearances as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review and as an activist.

Some surgeries are being postponed due to a lack of nursing staff.

When Republicans attacked the proposed Affordable Care Act by falsely claiming that it contained "death panels," the White House initially saw the charge as being so absurd that no one would buy it.




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