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Maj. Mary Jennings Hegar is part of a lawsuit that argues excluding women from combat is unconstitutional. She says the lawsuit isn't about women's rights – it's about military effectiveness.

As Republicans struggle to come up with an alternative they can pass, the Democratic leader in the Senate says odds are good Obamacare remains in place.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said it would be "for the good of the country." Some Republicans say more information is needed about what Sessions discussed with Russia's ambassador during the campaign.

The battle to force ISIS out of the Iraqi city is displacing thousands. Many describe terrible conditions in the city. "We ate flour mixed with dirty water," says a grandmother. "It made us sick."

Researchers who study developing human embryos have long limited their experimentation to lab embryos that are no more than 14 days into development. Some scientists are now pushing that boundary.

People born in Puerto Rico have been counted as U.S. citizens since 1917, but they can't vote for president and don't have voting representation in Congress.

Jeff Zucker helped make Trump a TV celebrity while at NBC, and some argue the cable network's blanket campaign coverage helped get him elected. But CNN has become a lead target for Trump's criticism.

Economist and author Tyler Cowen worries that Americans' desire to keep changing has gone away. "The forward march of progress," he says, "is not the main story today."

Cocoa plantations in Puerto Rico were wiped out centuries ago. Now, local pride and the sheer love of chocolate are bringing back local cocoa.

Gas-powered gardening equipment will soon surpass cars as the worst polluters in California. It is considering stronger emissions standards for small gas engines and incentives to switch to electric.




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