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Donald Trump should deal with how to handle his business holdings before he takes office, Newt Gingrich says. The former House speaker suggests a panel of experts monitor Trump's business conflicts.

Some members of Congress are calling on the government to crack down on food labels like soy milk or hemp milk. They say the "milk" label is legally reserved for only one beverage source: cows.

Some campuses are testing new tools that give professors access to real-time data on student engagement and performance.

An online invitation to a charity event raised questions about exchanging huge charitable donations for face time with Trumps' oldest sons. The invitation was later removed from the event website.

New York City wants to erase the personal information of people who've received municipal IDs — including, potentially, thousands of undocumented immigrants. State lawmakers are trying to stop them.

Doctors have commonly managed the persistent pain of people over 65 with prescription opioids. But that has left some still in pain, and with a physical and emotional dependence that can ruin life.

As head of U.S. counterintelligence, William Evanina's job is to stop America's enemies from spying here. "We spend a lot of time fixing what's happened," he says. He'd like to see greater prevention.

Mumps spreads easily through schools and colleges. And in northwestern Arkansas, where the current outbreak is centered, students often live in close quarters with their families.

New Yorker writer Steve Coll says that though Tillerson has conducted billion-dollar international deals as an oil executive, he has no government experience.

Privacy advocates have filed a complaint with U.S. regulators about the Internet-connected doll called My Friend Cayla. They say the toy can record and transmit everything children say to it.




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