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Mountain lions are known to be scary lone hunters, but a biologist aims to prove us wrong with thousands of videos showing the big cats in their natural habitat.

New Mexico is using time-motion studies to sue a chain of nursing homes for fraud. State prosecutors say the facilities couldn't possibly have provided the care promised — and billed for.

Prescription painkiller abuse sparked an HIV outbreak in rural Indiana. Kelly McEvers takes NPR's new podcast, Embedded, inside the home where IV drug users meet.

The organ donor and both recipients in the procedure this month were all HIV-positive — a first in the U.S. Using HIV-positive organs for some patients could enable a thousand more transplants a year.

Evidence has ping-ponged over the decades on the effects of hormone therapy on a woman's arteries. The latest study suggests a brief stint on hormones might be helpful — if given at the right time.

Most low-income tenants who end up in court are extremely poor; many of them are women with children. With a lack of housing aid and limited legal help, they often lose their cases and face eviction.

Tenants often stop paying rent to force the repair of poor conditions in the only housing they can afford. But landlords say can't fix the problems until they get the rent. It's a vicious cycle.

The FBI says it's unlocked the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. A district attorney in Baton Rouge, La., is hopeful the FBI will share its master key for an iPhone in a murder case.

Oil worker Dustin Bergsing, 21, was found dead on top of a North Dakota oil tank in 2012. A journalist and a doctor looking into the death found a pattern of similar fatal accidents.

A modern broiler, or meat chicken, grows incredibly fast. The bird suffers as a result, and some critics say its flavor does too. Now Whole Foods wants its suppliers to shift to slower-growing breeds.




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