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Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn and Republican Sen. Tim Scott, both of South Carolina, are among several lawmakers visiting Emanuel AME church to promote racial understanding.

Sunday is selection day for the NCAA basketball tournament. Sports columnist John Feinstein describes how the word "seeding" has become the term of art to describe bracketing in sports tournaments.

Germany is determined to dissuade more asylum seekers from coming there, but a new law its parliament passed last month targets an especially vulnerable group: children.

Donald Trump continued to encounter protesters at his rallies over the weekend. His GOP opponents say he's inciting violence; they're hoping to break into Trump's lead ahead of Tuesday primaries.

Egypt's government is more repressive than it has ever been. NPR's Leila Fadel speaks with Rachel Martin about the government's heavy handed tactics, and the increased suppression of civil society.

It was among the first campaign websites, and it's still archived online for all to see. Robert Arena, director of Internet strategy for the campaign, takes a stroll down memory lane.

Adam Davidson of Gimlet, explains how free trade helps everyone a little bit, and also how it has directly ruined the lives millions of workers in certain sectors.

Almost a year since a young black man from west Baltimore died in police custody, trials of the officers charged in his case are set to begin. A citizen commission released its findings.

After a planned rally for Donald Trump was cancelled Friday night, the other GOP candidates are weighing in. NPR Political Correspondent Mara Liasson has a look ahead to the Tuesday primaries.

A couple of major retail brands have posted some grim numbers. Rachel Martin talks with Washington Post reporter Sarah Halzack about why it's so hard to make mid-priced clothes people will buy.




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