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Workers are now missing paychecks for the first time since the partial government shutdown began. That's causing many of them to do what once seemed unthinkable — apply for unemployment.

Despite allegations of sexual abuse, the musician still has defenders in the gospel music industry. NPR's Scott Simon talks with writer Candice Benbow, who says it's time for leaders to speak up.

The Food and Drug Administration is inspecting less food these days, thanks to the shutdown. And while that has raised questions about food safety, the food business is largely carrying on as usual.

The NBA star says he fears that if he travels to London for an upcoming game against the Washington Wizards, he might be killed for speaking out against Turkey's president.

Native American tribes are more dependent on federal dollars than many other communities. As the shutdown continues, Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye is asking Congress to exempt tribes.

Mexico was going to pay for it. Now President Trump claims he never said that. Trump has reversed himself multiple times about a signature campaign promise, now the center of a government shutdown.

The group running a pop-up pantry says nearly 200 families stopped in to help themselves to food in the first few hours. Diapers and baby food are in high demand.

Furloughed workers can't refinance or buy homes without the ability to verify their income. For a recently divorced couple, it means continuing to live together until financial issues are resolved.

NPR's John Burnett spent a day with Border Patrol agents in the San Diego sector. Only 14 miles of that 60-mile sector is currently unfenced. More fencing would free up manpower for other tasks.

The candidate at the center of the disputed congressional election in North Carolina is a pastor who worked hard to break into politics. Now, state investigators are probing his campaign's tactics.




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