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The former chief Cabinet secretary and government spokesman was sworn in as the country's first new prime minister in almost eight years after Shinzo Abe stepped down citing health concerns.

Before the coronavirus hit, many workers chose freelance or contract jobs because they preferred the flexibility and variety it offered. But now millions are turning to freelancing out of necessity.

An investigation into the troubled plane's development and certification finds a "disturbing pattern" of Boeing design flaws, management failures and "grossly insufficient oversight by the FAA."

As it has long done with the Tibetan and Uighur languages, Beijing is reducing instruction in Mongolian in favor of Mandarin Chinese in ethnic Mongolian areas of the country.

The pandemic massively reduced the world's consumption of oil. Now two influential reports suggest that this state of affairs will continue well into 2021 — if not longer.

Facebook is launching a page focused on climate change facts. Facebook's Nick Clegg talked with NPR about the company's steps to stop misinformation on climate change and other issues.

In his new book No Rules Rules, Reed Hastings argues that in order for a creative workplace to succeed, it needs as few policies and rules as possible. Others say the culture is demoralizing.

Median household income jumped to $68,700 in 2019, the highest since record-keeping began in 1967. Many of those gains have likely been erased this year, as the pandemic left tens of millions jobless.

A clash over disease control between the government and a church is the latest flashpoint in a wider conflict between a right-wing coalition and President Moon Jae-in's liberal administration.

In If Then, historian Jill Lepore tells the story of Simulmatics. Founded in 1959, the company's "people machine" used a computer program to predict the impact of various political messages.




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