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Pregnant women in intensive care with severe cases of the flu have a higher risk of giving birth to babies prematurely. The risk of breathing problems for the baby is also substantially higher.

The top U.S. diplomat accused the Obama administration of making crucial errors that worsened a string of crises in the region, from the Arab Spring to ISIS.

Hart reflects on the controversial jokes from his past that led him to step down from hosting the Oscars. "Sometimes to grow as a comedian, you got to go through the stupid part," he says.

The government hopes to reform seminaries, which are often seen as places where students are indoctrinated with extreme interpretations of Islam. Experts argue the entire education system must change.

How do virtual assistants like Alexa affect children's learning experiences? Some experts say easy answers delivered by technology can hurt the development of problem-solving skills in kids.

Reports that a white shooter killed a 7-year-old black girl led to a national outcry, but in the days since, deputies have charged two black men. Gene Demby spoke about what this incident reveals.

Richard Nixon's first vice president resigned in 1973 amid charges of bribery and tax evasion. Now, Maddow and her former producer Mike Yarvitz revisit the Agnew story in the podcast Bag Man.

Democrats unveiled new legislation to enhance background checks on the eighth anniversary of the Tucson shooting that injured former Rep. Gabby Giffords, D-Ariz. But the gun lobby vows to oppose it.

A newly released report shows that the United States' CO2 emissions spiked last year. A booming economy and busy transportation sector are to blame.

DNA combined with the study of family history has been used to solve high-profile cold cases such as the Golden State Killer. Now, volunteers are using the technique to identify crime victims.




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