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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the National Rifle Association's lawsuit against him is "frivolous." The lawsuit claims that Cuomo's policies are trying to deprive it of its First Amendment rights.

In fire-torn parts of the West, some people who are now safe struggle mightily when they again smell smoke or see an orange haze in the sky. That's normal, say therapists. And you can quench the fear.

As the first anniversary of the Charlottesville protest nears, cities like Memphis are wrestling with what to do with the controversial statues once they've been taken down.

Guinness spent $90 million on the Open Gate Brewery near Baltimore, Md., where it hopes to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

As marijuana legalization spreads, police are asking for better tools to detect drugged drivers. Some police are now working with researchers to try to bring a THC breathalyzer to market.

"Churches are taking over the leadership role which was supposed to be in the hands of the political powers," says a Catholic youth group member in the Brazilian town of Central do Maranhão.

Democrats are playing a weak hand in the battle over Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. Unlike Republicans, Democrats have not played the long game when it comes to focusing on the judiciary.

In the 1980s, America's automakers were suffering as new competition came in from Japan. The U.S. response could serve as an example for the Trump administration in its ongoing trade battles.

Even with a healthy job market and rapid economic growth, the federal government is piling up debt. The government's deficit is expected to top $1 trillion next year.

A.C. Thompson warns that white power groups in the U.S. increasingly view themselves as paramilitary organizations. His reporting is featured in a new FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigation.




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