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Seeking to Cut Hospital Admissions - With a Water Bottle

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dehydration contributes to a lot of medical problems leading to hospital admissions, and a UAH professor thinks his 'smart' water bottle creation can help prevent many of them. Dr. Emil Jovanov, Alabama Launchpad's 2014 Inventor of the Year, says his smart bottle employs sensors to keep track of the amount of water consumed, among other things. It also has the ability to transmit data, so that it can be used to improve care on a case-by-case basis, and collectively. Dr. Jovanov's 'smart' water bottle project is a finalist in the current Alabama Launchpad start-up competition.

This comes after the success of his 'smart' pill bottle, born of a class project at UAH. That product features visible and audible reminders for users, and wireless networking to supply medical professionals and other caretakers with information about patients' medication. It's being tested at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Dr. Jovanov, inventor and UAH professor of electrical engineering, spoke with WLRH host Shane Scott. You can download and stream an extended version of the interview here.

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