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Arts Underground: Funny You Should Ask - Daniel Hardin

It comes in handy for any comedian to be versatile, both being able to create and perform a few minutes of funny material for any audience, and to host a comedy show... That involves warming up the audience, keeping the energy going for a strong lineup of fellow comedians and closing it out on a feel-good note. Daniel Hardin says he's still mastering his craft, but he feels comfortable at his home comedy venue- Black Dog Grounds and Sounds in Madison. We hear about the importance Daniel feels of keeping a sibling-like rapport with some of the Tennessee Valley's funniest comics, the art of taking an obscure, real-life event and embellishing it into a hilarious joke, and so much more.

Funny You Should Ask is a series where we hear from comedians in the TN Valley, getting to know their style, hear intriguing stories about being funny stage and plenty more.

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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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