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Arts Underground: Funny You Should Ask - Rocket City Improv

Listening carefully plays a key role in the work of any improv comedian, keeping the perpetual motion of a live, unscripted show going. Matt Carter and Sparky Shelton, members of Rocket City Improv in Huntsville, tell us about how they partnered with fellow comedian Kimberly Wilson- co-founder of Shenanigans Comedy Theatre- to bring improv to Huntsville. They also touch on the common misconception of improv being a stepping stone to something better in comedy, and that there's a bit more to honing one's craft in improv than goofing off in front of an audience.

Funny You Should Ask is a series where we hear from comedians in the TN Valley, getting to know their style, hear intriguing stories about being funny stage and plenty more.

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Saturday, April 23, 2022

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