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Arts Underground - Weird Kids MeetUp of North Alabama

Weird Kids MeetUp of North Alabama launched in the Summer of 2021 by Shenanigans Comedy Theatre co-founder, Jessica Cotton. Growing up in a small conservative town in Texas, Cotton found it difficult to fit in with the normal crowd. Her haven from masking her individuality was a small group of friends she still keeps in touch with. Her inspiration to start this group sprouted from not only her experience growing up, but also a need to socialize her children, after the isolated norms of the pandemic began to subside. Jessica encourages her Weird Kids and parents to take the word "weird" as a compliment, turning the commonly negative connotation of the word on its head, and embracing the uniqueness that makes each one of us special.

In this feature story, we learn how Weird Kids MeetUp has helped teens like Toby Cotton- Jessica's kid- and Max Beck step out of their comfort zone to find some weird, new friends. We also hear from self-proclaimed weird parents Jenny Stang, Angela Beck, Brandy Anderson and Jessica Cotton herself about their perspective on seeing their children break out of their mold and express themselves more freely.

Find a playlist of the music selected exclusively by these weird kids and grown-ups on the Arts Underground page under the Programs tab on our homepage.

Weird Kids MeetUp of North Alabama Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/855148938717572/

Shenanigans Comedy Theatre Website: https://www.huntsvillelaughs.com/

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

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