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WLRH pays musical tribute to the late Maestro Taavo Virkhaus, former conductor of the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra.

News from NPR

The NASA rover traversed some 21 feet of terrain this week, in its first test drive since landing on the red planet. It also captured photos of its touchdown site and the wheel tracks it left behind.

The package delivers a new round of financial assistance to Americans grappling with the impact of the pandemic. The House will need to vote on the final version.

The 85-year-old Tibetan spiritual leader scrapped plans to receive the injection at home, opting instead to travel to a clinic. "More people should have courage to take this injection," he said.

Amanda Gorman, who became a sensation after her poem at Joe Biden's inauguration, says a security guard told her she looked "suspicious."

At work every day, Agnes Boisvert attends to ICU patients "gasping for air" and dying from COVID-19. But communicating that harsh reality to her skeptical community has been a challenge.

On the second day of a landmark trip to Iraq, Pope Francis traveled to the the city of Najaf to meet Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, before visiting what is believed to be the birthplace of Abraham.

Germans have a knack for stringing lots of words together to create new words. From Mundschutzmode to Coronamutationsgebiet, the pandemic has spawned a plethora of them.

A teenager, Kyal Sin, also known as Angel, was killed during recent protests in Myanmar. NPR's Scott Simon considers her final moments and her legacy.

Many are fleeing crime and poverty in Central America and rushing to the U.S.-Mexico border. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week called the situation a "stressful challenge."

The term "hair loss" has been googled a lot during this pandemic. What's going on?

Former Pinterest employee Ifeoma Ozoma risked a lawsuit when she made public her allegations of workplace discrimination and harassment. She hopes California will ban contracts like the one she had.

For years, open-world video games, where players can explore the map rather than following a set path, have been hugely popular. The Pokémon franchise is finally catching up, but how will fans react?

After bankrolling oil companies for years and seeing poor returns, investors are now pressuring companies to keep their oil output lower, instead of higher.

Attendance for sporting events, live music and theme parks will vary at the county level based on COVID-19 infection rates. Only in-state residents will be allowed to attend.



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