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This Friday, November 22nd, the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra’s Classical Series continues with the ninth symphonies of Shostakovich and Beethoven. Beethoven’s much-loved Symphony No. 9 features guest soloists and the Huntsville Community Chorus. Despite their current popularity, both symphonies were controversial for their time. HSO Music Director and Conductor Gregory Vajda shares his insights on these two masterpieces. More information is at

News from NPR

As Vice President Mike Pence's role in the Ukraine story comes under increased scrutiny, how might his biography inform how he navigates the crisis in the White House?

Searchlights illuminate the sky between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, but they have nothing to do with border enforcement. They're part of a large-scale binational art installation.

Members of Congress used marathon testimony over two weeks to try to convince Americans that they should impeach and remove President Trump. The United States Senate, at least, isn't sold. Now what?

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch reveal the hows and whys of the whirlwind they uncorked by commissioning Christopher Steele to investigate Donald Trump's activities in Russia.

Gallagher was acquitted earlier this year of murdering an ISIS combatant in 2017 but convicted of a lesser crime. President Trump last week restored his rank, but did not pardon him.

"Street medicine" programs, like one in Atlanta, seek out people living in back alleys and under highways. The public health outreach improves patients' health and is cost-effective, hospitals find.

Scientists are trying to flip the script on control of mosquitoes in an effort to combat dengue fever. Instead of trying to wipe them out, they're infecting them with bacteria.

Catherine Pugh acknowledged her guilt in a scheme in which she took orders for her self-published Health Holly book series and used the money for herself and to advance her political career.

The White House wants to give state and local officials the power to block refugee resettlement in their backyards. But immigrant advocates say the executive order violates federal law.

The case is the latest legal battle amid a broader "free the nipple" campaign that seeks to normalize the exposure of female nipples.

Some scientists predict the Alpha Monocerotids meteor shower will be visible at 11:50 p.m. ET. However, one NASA expert is skeptical of the forecast.

The story of the first worker in the U.S. to suffer lung damage after cutting a new kind of countertop material shows the way a workplace hazard emerged in this country.

Katie Visco said it was a "pinch" that drove her to undertake such an ambitious task with her husband in support. "I had been dreaming about this for a while," she tells NPR.

The jurors unanimously found Scott Warren not guilty of federal charges of harboring undocumented immigrants. Such prosecutions have risen under President Trump's hard-line immigration policies.



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