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Days after the storm, residents in coastal Salinas, Puerto Rico, aren't waiting for help from the authorities. They're using bulldozers and backhoes to clear debris and rubble left in Fiona's wake.

Far-right candidate Giorgia Meloni is favored to be voted in as Italy's next prime minister Sunday. Her Brothers of Italy party has roots in the neo-fascist movement that emerged after World War II.

The Dow dropped more than 450 points to close at the lowest level since November 2020.

Roach researched animal misbehaviors for her book, Fuzz. She says animals tend to ignore the rules we try to impose on them — and they often have the last laugh. Originally broadcast Sept. 14, 2021.

The mobilization of thousands more troops to bolster the military campaign in Ukraine is rippling across Russia, as the military swiftly drafts new recruits and signs of discontent appear to spread.

Migrants from across the hemisphere are increasingly crossing the border in a remote corner of South Texas. The shift has big implications for border towns like Eagle Pass — and the entire country.

Voting for the midterms has started in some states. With more people voting early and mailing in ballots, elections are increasingly less about Election Day and more about what happens weeks earlier.

Hurricane Fiona's unrelenting rains led to swollen rivers and washed out roads and bridges in many areas of Puerto Rico. It's isolated many mountain communities and slowed the recovery.

After virtually disappearing for the last two years, there are troubling clues that the flu could come roaring back this year, to cause trouble alongside COVID.

Ukrainians are fleeing from Russian-held areas to avoid the sham referendums, which could pave the way for annexation. "It was all staged," said one Ukrainian. "How can you vote when they have guns?"




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