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Car and truck convoys of Trump supporters rolled through Michigan, New York and North Carolina last week. These mobile rallies continued even after one turned deadly in Portland, Ore., last month.

Quimberly 'Kym' Villamer, a nurse at a hospital in New York City, shares what it was like to grow up in the Philippines while her parents worked in the U.S.

Both the Trump and Biden campaigns are competing for voters in key swing states like Pennsylvania. But is either of the major parties trying to engage Black voters in cities like Pittsburgh?

Draft documents obtained by NPR show that the federal government is preparing to enforce new data reporting requirements, threatening to withhold vital Medicare funding from non-compliant hospitals.

The Trump campaign is testing the narrative that younger Latinos in the state, who are likely less affected by the scars of Latin American autocrats than older generations, lean Democratic.

Federal unemployment money has been cut off for nearly two months. Congress hasn't worked out a deal to send more help, and the fight over a Supreme Court nominee could make that harder.

One in six households reported missing or delaying paying bills just so they could buy food, an NPR poll says. And many are having trouble paying the rent, especially African Americans and Latinos.

Politico reporter Dan Diamond describes efforts by Trump loyalists at HHS to interfere with the work of scientists at the health agencies in an effort to promote the president's political agenda.

Recent trends in public sentiment run parallel to deteriorating U.S.-China relations. In China, the pandemic "increased people's satisfaction and support for their government," says a sociologist.

Kastellorizo has become a pawn in a dispute between Greece and Turkey over maritime borders and offshore resources. But as the governments' standoff continues, islanders speak of peace and harmony.




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